how to participate

+++ Corona Update 2 (Good News)+++

Hello Linedance-Friends,

due to the current situation we can not recommend to perform a flashmob with a lot of people in a public place. 

But we still want to use the 2nd of May to promote our favorite dance-discipline. So we are going to switch things up a little. 

We want to ask everybody to film yourself doing the „Bonaparte’s Retreat“ choreography in the safe environment of your home. Then post the video on the 2nd of May with #linedanceflashmob2020 on YouTube and/or social media. It will be the „International DIGITAL Linedance Flashmob. 

We are looking forward to see your videos!

Hopefully we will be able to have „real“ flashmobs all around the world on the 1st of May 2021.

Please share this Information so we can reach as many linedancers as possible.

Please stay healthy,

Sascha & Ben 

  • Learn the dance Bonaparte’s Retreat” Choreographed by: Maddison Glover.
    You can find tutorial videos and stepsheets on our website or on YouTube
  • Ask other local line dance groups to join and organize a flashmob together. It’s all about the community!!
  • Perform the flashmob in a public space on the 1st Saturday in may (may 2nd 2020).
    There is no fixed performance time given by us. You can choose a time that suits you and the location best.
    Please make sure you have all permits to perform the flashmob in public.
    Your local authorities will help you with this. Usually they support this kind of events if it doesn’t collide with other events.
    Or you can find an event-partner like a restaurant/bar, sports stadium, schools or shopping malls. They will have all needed permits.
  • When you completed your organization create a facebook event.
    Give it the event name: „city“/„country“ International Linedance Flashmob 2020 (for example: Düsseldorf/Germany International Linedance Flashmob 2020).
    Other linedancers can find your flashmob more easily and join if they want.
    Feel free to use our artwork and pictures for the event and your promotion material (flyers) and social media.
  • Film the flashmob and upload the video to YouTube/Vimeo and your socialmedia channels.
    Use #linedanceflashmob2020 so the rest of the world can find your video. 
  • Send us the link to your performance using the webform on our website. (Please do not send us the videofile via email)
  • We will share the links on our website and socialmedia channels.

If you have more questions feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for being part of this. We are looking forward to see you dance all around the globe!

Greetings Sascha & Ben